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ankle replacement surgery

When conservative, noninvasive treatments such as anti-inflammatory medication, bracing, physical therapy, and injections prove unsuccessful, podiatrists will often turn to surgery as the last line of treatment for their patients. Total ankle replacement is a surgical procedure podiatric surgeons use to treat arthritis of the ankle. It can provide pain relief while still allowing motion of the ankle, giving the patient less pain and optimal function. The surgery is an ideal alternative to a fusion-type procedure, as it still allows the ankle joint a range of motion.

During the procedure, the ankle joint is replaced with an implant created from metal and plastic components. Other procedures may also be done to ensure that the foot and ankle are properly aligned. Recovery after surgery typically involves a period of immobilization in which weight should not be placed on the foot. Depending on the healing process, the patient may later be allowed to practice range-of-motion exercises. Placing weight back onto the foot is typically allowed a few weeks after surgery, if X-rays show successful healing.

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